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MDBW Book Club

Journey Through Our Book Club Archives

Unearth the literary gems that have enriched our book club gatherings in the past. Delve into the pages of our archive to discover the diverse and captivating stories that have sparked conversations and created lasting memories. Join us on a virtual journey through the captivating world of literature we've explored in previous months, each book leaving its unique imprint on our collective reading experience.

Cozy Room
by Kristin Chen

The narrative unfolds around two Asian American women who unite to expand a fraudulent handbag operation into a worldwide enterprise. This is a sharp and dazzling fusion of fashion, criminal intrigue, and companionship.

Reading List.jpg
The Reading List

by Sara Nisha Adams

In this heartwarming debut, widower Mukesh's quiet life in a London suburb takes an unexpected turn when teenager Aleisha discovers a mysterious list of books in the local library. As Aleisha immerses herself in the novels, each story becomes a source of solace amidst her own challenges. When Mukesh, seeking a connection with his granddaughter, crosses paths with Aleisha, a shared reading journey begins. The magic of fiction becomes a lifeline, helping both lonely souls find joy and escape the weight of their grief.

Hello Beautiful.jpg
Hello Beautiful

by Ann Napolitano

"Hello Beautiful" tells a poignant story of a family confronting love's transformative power. William Waters escapes a troubled childhood through basketball and finds solace in Julia Padavano, a spirited woman with a close-knit family. Yet, their plans unravel when a dark past resurfaces, testing the sisters' loyalty. This narrative explores love's enduring strength amid adversity and celebrates the beauty in embracing someone for their flaws.

Lessons in Chemistry.jpg
Lessons in Chemistry 
by Bonnie Garmus

In the 1960s, Elizabeth Zott challenges norms at Hastings Research Institute. Despite biases, scientist Calvin Evans admires Elizabeth's intellect. Life shifts; Elizabeth becomes a single mother, gaining fame on Supper at Six with her revolutionary cooking. "Lessons in Chemistry" is a witty, observant tale with a vibrant protagonist.

Everything Is Under Control.jpg
Everything is Under Control

by Phyllis Grant

This memoir explores the intricate journey of appetite, tracing its evolution through sparse and poignant prose. From Juilliard to New York City's top kitchens, then to California post-9/11 where she embraces motherhood, Grant unveils her life's contours with transparency. The narrative captures the highs and lows of young adulthood, motherhood, and a kitchen-centered life, complemented by authentic recipes. It's a heartfelt yet unsentimental exploration of longing and sustenance.

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