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Trudy Triner is co-founder of Paleoventures, an outdoor teambuilding company that helps corporate and nonprofit teams become more cohesive and functional. She founded the company along with her son, Jack Foley, who is an experienced outdoor educator. 

Paleventures takes teams into nature for a day away from the workplace to help build relationships and break down silos. Participants learn real outdoor survival skills, hone communication skills, and have fun together. 

Trudy’s background includes 20 years of organizational development, including leading teambuilding activities and workshops at Kaiser Permanente and numerous Fortune 500 companies. Her career background, combined with her son’s expertise in teaching outdoor skills to hundreds of adults and students makes for the perfect combination to teach workplace teams how to develop better working relationships, make work more enjoyable, more efficient, and more profitable. 

Trudy loves to see people learn skills that will enhance their personal and professional lives. A good referral for Paleventures is the manager of a business or organization whose success depends on a high functioning team.

Trudy enjoys MDBW for the wonderful friends, the members whose valuable services she’s found, and the knowledge she’s gained from speakers at the group’s events. She has served on MDBW’s board of directors in many roles, including as president and now as membership chair. In 2018, Trudy was named MDBW’s Woman of the Year for her contributions to the group, the professional world, and her community. 

Trudy is also active in Rotary and her church. She contributes to the business world by being available to share her knowledge as a mentor to young businesswomen. 

For more information, visit Paleoventures website.  

Miriam Schaffer is a college admissions coach helping high school and community college students on their path to college. Her work with students includes overall guidance to help them choose the best classes and extracurricular activities to meet their college goals. She also helps them choose colleges to apply to and provides assistance with completing and submitting applications. In addition, Miriam works with students on brainstorming topics for their college essays and University of California (UC) personal insight questions. She reviews and edits essays to get them ready for submittal.  

Students Miriam has worked with have been accepted to all the University of California and Cal State campuses as well as many public and private colleges and universities nationwide. 

Miriam enjoys helping students make the transition to college and helping them to find the college that is the best fit for them. 

Good referrals for Miriam are high school students, community college students, and their parents. High school students who are targeting Ivy League or other top-tier schools should start preparing for college in their freshman or sophomore year of high school so that they can position themselves to stand out from the competition. Other good referrals are SAT or ACT tutors or other professionals who work with students and their families. 

Miriam has been a member of MDBW for about 10 years and has made many friends and good connections in the group. She has served on the MDBW board for several years, first as publicity chair and currently as marketing co-chair with Lisa Andrews.

When not working with students and their parents, Miriam enjoys traveling, theater, the outdoors, and spending time with her husband and family. 

Learn more about Miriam on her website and LinkedIn.

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