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Monica Stein’s company is Omthentic You. She is a lifestyle engineer, helping people feel better in their bodies, become stronger, and learn to find stillness— all with the purpose of helping them find their authentic self.  Once that occurs, good choices for oneself and others can be made.

Monica’s journey to becoming a lifestyle engineer began as a child when her father taught her how to meditate. She discovered she was intuitive but not knowing how to cope with her intuition, blocked it off completely. 

At college she studied civil engineering and a few years after graduating received an MBA while working at The Boeing Company. During this time she studied different types of meditation and rediscovered her connection to her intuition.

Over the years, her idea was brewing to help people connect to their authentic self. She became a Chopra Center certified instructor and learned many healing modalities. 

Today, those who work with Monica feel better in their bodies, are stronger, and are able to find stillness. Monica enjoys seeing the results in those she helps, especially the change in their face and overall demeanor.  

A good referral for Monica is someone who is looking for a break from life, a moment to find peace and stillness.

Monica is a new member of Mt. Diablo Business Women. She says the women she’s met have been an inspiration for her. In describing the group’s members she says, the women “show up, they have integrity, they are kind and purposeful.”  

She gives back to the community by volunteering with animal rescues—something she has been involved in for about 20 years. She also has given free yoga and meditation classes. 

When not working, Monica enjoys her dog rescue volunteer work, walking her own dogs, reading, walking in nature, learning, practicing yoga, and meditating. 

If you are seeking peace and stillness in your life, Monica has a beautifully wrapped box of wonderful tools and techniques to help you. You can learn more about her by visiting her Facebook page, or connecting with her on LinkedIn


Monica Stein

Lifestyle Engineer

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Families seeking a nanny immediately feel welcome when meeting Joy and experiencing her energy, warmth, and friendly smile. Her business, Nannies Plus, is a nanny placement agency dedicated to creating authentic, impactful family teams. The company is committed to crafting long-term relationships between families and nannies to help children flourish, parents to feel assured and supported, and nannies to feel empowered and trusted.

Joy is an excellent connector, and is always thinking of others. She is outspoken about the need for nannies to secure legal, livable wage jobs, and educates families on what it means to be great domestic employers.

Good referral sources for Joy are new and expecting parents, pediatrician OBGYNs, family practice physicians, midwives, birthing teachers and coaches, birth doulas, postpartum doulas, newborn care specialists, lactation consultants, acupuncturists, naturopathic doctors, prenatal yoga instructors, online influencers in the parenting and birth community, personal assistants, executive assistants, housekeepers, dog walkers, and house sitters.

Joy says that being a MDBW member is fun and has helped her to grow as a member of the business community by forging great relationships with women who are warm and genuinely care about her and the success of her business. Joy is the program director on MDBW’s board of directors.

In addition to running her business and being active with MDBW, Joy also runs a Meetup networking group with 850+ members called Unwind East Bay Women Entrepreneurs. She also leads the Alameda Sing-A-Long and Circle Time with Miss Joy for the little ones, and has a free YouTube web series called Miss Joy and Friends.

When not working, Joy loves to go to concerts, the theater and to sing karaoke. She likes to spend time with family and friends, organize community events, and power walk around her Oakland neighborhood.

Learn more about Nannies Plus by visiting its website, and connect with Joy on Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn.


Nannies Plus

Joy Colino

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