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Lily Dong, of Lily Dong Photography, is able to bring out the inner model in everyone she photographs. Her understanding of people on an intuitive level results in photos that capture a person’s essence and energy. Her skill at creating headshots and portraits results in her clients feeling confident about themselves and their business and puts them on the path to attracting new customers.

Lily has an innate sense of how her clients want to be portrayed. It is her keen observation of little mannerisms, attitudes, and body language that gives her a sense of how they want to be portrayed and results in all her clients looking like experienced models. 

During photo sessions, all objections are addressed and overcome with Lily's soft knowledge in posing as well as her technical knowledge about lighting and equipment, in the end, turning complaints into assets and self acceptance for even the most self critical person.

“Prepare to fall in love with your image!” is something Lily tells her clients.

Lily has been a professional photographer for over 10 years. She was previously a designer of couture wedding gowns and was known as the “local Vera Wang.”

A good referral source for Lily are men and women entrepreneurs that have a high need to be seen, such as a realtor, or need an update on their headshot older than three years.

Lily recently joined Mt. Diablo Business Women, and is already doing a great job serving on the Board as secretary. She says she enjoys the group because she loves “how each woman she’s met is powerful in what they do, open to connect with others and help each other.” 

In addition to being involved with MDBW, Lily is also active in the community. She is soon to be a board member with the Lafayette Chamber of Commerce and has previously volunteered with CASA and Assistance League. 

To learn more about Lily, visit her website, and check out her Facebook, and Instagram


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