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Featured Member

Lily Dong is a personal brand portrait photographer who pursues her work through her company, Lily Dong Photography. She specializes in business headshots, and her goal is to “bring out the inner model in every client.” Her understanding of people on an intuitive level results in photos that capture their essence and energy, helping them to stand out and attract clients in highly competitive fields such as real estate, acting, and modeling.

Through her keen observation of mannerisms, attitudes, and body language, Lily “gets” her clients and understands how they want to be seen. Often, her clients' images look like experienced models because she first addresses any fears of being in front of the camera, followed by simple coaching on posing and good lighting. A good referral source for Lily are men and women who would like to elevate their visibility through a new headshot.

Lily earned her bachelor’s degree in fine arts from the California College of the Arts, after which she became a couture wedding gown designer who was known as the ”local Vera Wang” in the South Bay. Twelve years later, she became a professional photographer, a passion she has been pursuing for over thirteen years.

Lily is an active member of Mt. Diablo Business Women (MDBW), having recently served as its secretary. She says she enjoys the group because she loves “how each woman she’s met is powerful in what they do, open to connect with others and help each other.” She also served on the board of the Lafayette Chamber of Commerce, volunteered with the Assistance League of Diablo Valley, and served as a CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate) volunteer for foster children.


When not working as a photographer, Lily enjoys making necklaces, painting, traveling, hiking, and gardening. She is the proud mother of two college boys and a spirited dog named Molly.

One of Lily’s favorite quotes is “Beauty is not in the face; it is a light in the heart,” by Kahlil Gibran. She believes everyone is born beautiful.

To learn more about Lily, visit her website,, and check out her Facebook page.


Lily Dong

Photographer and Business Owner,

Lily Dong Photography

Featured Sponsor

Senya specializes in nutrigenomics for wellness. She is passionate about helping people feel better and do more through supplementation and activation by turning back the clock at a cellular level to age in reverse. Senya says she feels better in her 50s than she did in her 40s and she wants to help others to do the same. 

Clients who work with Senya benefit by flipping the switch on anti-aging pathways in the areas of memory, metabolism, energy, hormonal balance, joint health, bone health, as well as skin and scalp, all by reducing oxidative stress. 

Senya finds her work rewarding because she is able to offer people solutions that they didn’t know existed, and as a result are able to transform their lives rather than suffer in silence. 
A good referral for Senya is anyone who wants to be healthy, stay healthy, or get healthy. 

Senya joined MDBW last year and is active in the group. She is currently on the board of directors as programs chair. She says she feels elated and empowered after leaving the group’s events. “It has given me a renewed sense of hope, that there are so many women out there uplifting each other.” She also adds that she enjoys meeting 1:1. for coffee with the women in the group. This allows her to gain a better understanding of other businesses and in some cases she has found new friends. In addition, she appreciates the referrals and customers that she has gained through MDBW. 

She is also dedicated to the “Helping One Woman” organization, which honors one woman in need each month, and changes lives one woman at a time.  

When not involved in work, Senya loves to try new things and travel. She recently started playing golf, enjoys reading, and taking walks.   

Visit Senya’s website to learn more about her. You can also connect with her on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn


Senya Borrelli

Consultant, Health is Wealth

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