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Featured Member

Senya specializes in nutrigenomics for wellness. She is passionate about helping people feel better and do more through supplementation and activation by turning back the clock at a cellular level to age in reverse. Senya says she feels better in her 50s than she did in her 40s and she wants to help others to do the same. 

Clients who work with Senya benefit by flipping the switch on anti-aging pathways in the areas of memory, metabolism, energy, hormonal balance, joint health, bone health, as well as skin and scalp, all by reducing oxidative stress. 

Senya finds her work rewarding because she is able to offer people solutions that they didn’t know existed, and as a result are able to transform their lives rather than suffer in silence. She also enjoys inspiring others through her wellness column “Activate with Senya” with Contra Costa News.

A good referral for Senya is anyone who wants to be healthy, stay healthy, or get healthy.

Senya joined MDBW last year and is active in the group. She says she feels elated and empowered after leaving the group’s events. “It has given me a renewed sense of hope, that there are so many women out there uplifting each other.” She also adds that she enjoys meeting 1:1. for coffee with the women in the group. This allows her to gain a better understanding of other businesses and in some cases she has found new friends. In addition, she appreciates the referrals and customers that she has gained through MDBW.

Outside of MDBW, Senya has created “The CLUB,” which stands for Community Leaders Uplift Balance. It is a friendly alliance in the spirit of mind, body, and harmony. She is also dedicated to the “Helping One Woman” organization, which honors one woman in need each month, and changes lives one woman at a time. 

When not involved in work, Senya loves to try new things and travel. She also enjoys reading and taking walks.  

Visit Senya’s website to learn more about her. You can also connect with her on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.


Senya Borrelli

Consultant, Health is Wealth

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